Get Your Students Ready to Study Overseas -- Our College Insider Video Series

Our College Advantage video series provides admissions and life skill advice from real US college students. Hear how US students got into Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. Learn how art students created portfolios for top art schools. Learn what it’s like to study engineering or computer science at schools like Berkeley and CalTech. Available as a video series or videos + a live Webinar series. Let your students interact directly with their overseas peers!

If you need something special let us know, our students can produce videos to meet your specific topics, schools, and needs.
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Provide your students with an interactive online English practice tool at home -- or a full, online early English language course led by native English teachers.

Our platform includes an integrated set of stories, games, videos, and activities for early English language learners (ages 5-8 years).

Each book on our platform includes read-along English audio. This makes it easy for students to practice reading on their own in a non-English household. 

The English learning platform also includes fun, interactive English learning games and activities. These help students practice using the words and concepts that they are learning in class.

The reading course enables you to provide a full 48-class English leveled reading course. Each book includes the Lexile ranking to enable parents and teachers to measure and track student progress.  The curriculum includes lesson plans for schools and learning centers with their own teachers, or we can provide experienced native English teachers to provide a full online course for you. 

Small-group, online teacher-led classes can be provided on weekends or in-school or after-school daily, or 2-4 times per week.