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    Education Products for Asia

  • The Global, Digital Face of Education

    Online learning and soaring education demand in Asia creates huge demand for learning products

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    Education: A Fast Growing Export

    International student growth from Asia is topping 10% per year

    While traditional exports sagged across North America, the UK, and Australia, international student enrollment has continued to climb -- nearly half of these students are coming from China, India, Korea, and emerging Asia markets such as Vietnam and Pakistan. 750,000+ international students per year mean billions in spending on pre-K to 12 supplementary education products, courses, and content

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    Early International Experiences

    Demand for private high schools and summer programs soars

    Affluent Chinese families are increasingly turning to private high schools, summer programs, and camps in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia to give their children an early edge. The US alone saw Chinese students enrolled in private high schools soar from under 6,000 in 2005 to nearly 28,000 in 2016. To get ready, parents will spend at least US$40,000 per child on preparation and supplementary learning products

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    Online Learning = Global Classrooms

    From tutoring to professional education, Asia is moving online

    Online course delivery is putting phonics classes, one-on-one tutoring, test prep courses, and counseling in the hands of families across Asia. Meanwhile, MBA and professional development programs are tapping online and blended learning plans to build their ranks of alumni from Shanghai to Singapore. In mainland China, paid educational content is emerging as tomorrow's next growth category.

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    Education Products and Courses

    Software, assessments, edutainment products, and much more

    The relaxation of China's one-child policy is one of numerous drivers behind its soaring demand for international education products, courses and experiences.

  • Our Clients

    We create, localize, and distribute education content, courses, and products for Asia markets

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    K-12 International Schools

    Course materials, complete programs, and reference products

    We provide international schools with affordable, effective online learning products. Provide your students with digital English language libraries, online research and reference tools, or video courses to help them prepare to study overseas.

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    Preschools and Kindergartens

    International content to transform the kindergarten experience

    We provide bilingual kindergartens and preschools with interactive English activity books and online English practice programs for students to use at home.

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    Summer and After-School Programs

    Launch your own camp or after-school program in a week!

    Our STEAM English and early English learning products let you immediately offer native English teacher-led summer camps, weekend, and after-school courses. All you need to do is recruit students!

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    Pre-college Courses for Schools and Consultants

    Easy, affordable online programs prepare students to study overseas

    Our pre-college courses enable admission consultants, education agents, and international schools to provide first-hand advice on college planning, college and major choices, and campus life. Our video and live streamed courses connect students directly with their peers at top schools like Harvard, Yale, and Berkeley. Use first-hand insights to help your students make the right decisions – and prepare the most targeted and specific applications.

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    Online Learning Platforms, App Developers, and Educational Toy and Book Producers

    Your one-stop for international education content

    We help you find and produce the international educational content that you need to create new, competitive products and services:

    • Add video, audio, or ebook content to your education App
    • Create your own online course series
    • Make your toy or book into a "smart" English learning product
    • Use free educational videos or ebooks to generate sales leads!
  • Our Partners

    We help our partners localize, distribute, and support education content, courses, and products

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    K-12 Publishers

    Sell and license your digital products

    We help you localize your educational products, online learning content, courses, and summer/supplementary education experiences. Reach leading international and private schools, learning centers, and online learning platforms across Greater China and Southeast Asia

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    Educational Video Producers

    Find new markets for your existing video content

    We help video producers license and distribute their video content to online learning platforms, local publishers, App developers, and remote course creators across Asia.

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    Early Childhood Educational Products

    Tap soaring demand for English learning products

    We help you reach Asia's exploding early childhood education market. We adapt and distribute books, kits, and digital education products to kindergartens, preschools, and early childhood learning centers

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    Online Courses

    Extend your reach into the world's fastest growing markets

    We work with online course providers to localize, market, and support their online courses for K-12 and higher education/vocational education markets.

  • Our Services

    We develop, localize, and distribute courses, education products, and programs

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    Digital Product Development

    Create digital education products and courses for China

    We develop original educational products and courses specifically tailored to the China market. We work with educators, international educational publishers, and course developers to create new audio, video, and mobile products. We partner with leading online and education platforms to distributor our courses to families across China.

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    Education Product Distribution

    Reach 1000s of schools, learning centers, and online channels

    We don't just sell your products --- we provide a one-stop marketing center for your education products, courses, and programs. Our distribution services include:

    • Website localization and operation
    • Wechat account management
    • Online/offline payment management
    • School/learning center teacher training and support
    • Local student/parent "hotline" -- real-time answers to questions about your products, courses, and programs
    • Local online product hosting
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    Wechat and Social Marketing

    Content Creation and Wechat Management

    Successful Wechat and social media engagement in the education sector is anchored by authoritative, useful content and shared through trusted local influencers and "key opinion leaders". We start by mapping your target student segment's "social footprint". Then, we work with you to plan, develop and operate your local social media channels with the compelling content that connects to your lead generation and awareness goals.

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    Market Entry Services

    Three decades of China and Asia market entry experience

    Our on-going primary research on China education markets and media channels supports our front-line team's extensive hands-on experience in designing campaigns; creating, testing, and refining content; and using data-driven solutions to drive results in your specific student or school segment.

  • Our Difference

    Local reach, international transparency

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    Asia-Centric Education Content

    Local language content and formats

    Our local team of editors, course developers and producers crafts original and adapted content that meets the specific interests and concerns of students and parents in China and across Asia. We create engaging video programs, podcasts, and online courses.

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    Local Reach, International Transparency

    Straightforward solutions for complex markets

    Demand for international education products, services, and schools is booming in China -- but which segments really make sense for you?


    We work with you to identify the right and ripest segments for your products and services. We help you use your marketing and market entry budgets efficiently. And, we carefully track and manage the results. We help international education organizations "land" and operate in China without costly and potentially complex local company operations.


    Already involved with local agents or prospective partners? We can help you with due diligence or make sure that you've asked the right questions


    Before you begin registering a company or inking a deal with a local partner or licensee, contact us for a free consultation.

  • Our Products

    Whether you're an education app or online learning platform looking for content or a school or learning center looking for ready-to-go English literacy courses or cool videos for your online classes, we've got you covered.

  • Who We Are

    Seasoned digital publishers and China experts

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    Our Story

    Not another garage start up....

    Sure, it would be cool to say that we were launched in an old garage in Hong Kong......but we weren't.


    We started in a plain vanilla office on the edge of Shanghai's French Concession. MP Education is a subsidiary of Media Pacific Ltd, a media and education investment and management firm focused on Greater China and Asia.


    Media Pacific has helped some of the world's leading digital media companies and education providers expand into Asia. Previous clients include BBC Worldwide, Education, Records, Bureau, Rodale, Telegraph Media Group, Naspers, Carlson Companies, Nielsen and Consumer Reports.

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    Our Leadership Team

    Jeff Sprafkin

    Jeff co-founded MP Education's parent company, Media Pacific, in 2005 and has spent more than 20 years building, running, buying, and selling and advising digital media and education businesses in China and Southeast Asia. He has launched and run 7 joint-venture or wholly-owned media-related ventures and is a frequent speaker on digital media in China.


    Prior to launching MP Education's portfolio of services and sponsored content network, Jeff was COO for a leading education services firm providing test preparation, admissions consulting, and academic tutoring services to families across Greater China. He serves as an advisor to several education start-ups and operates a leading English-language children's library.


    Jeff leads the firm's international teams based in China and Hong Kong that draw on decades of both digital marketing and education services experience.

  • Contact Us

    Shanghai Office: Suite 259, 569 South Xizang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai 201100

    t: +86-21-5353-7187


    Hong Kong Office: 3/F,Jonson Place, 228 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong, S.A.R.



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